What have you eliminated that you do not miss?

As a review of the last time I wrote about what I’ve eliminated that I no longer miss a year ago posted in April 2009, here is my new, updated list:

The original list of what I cut out:

  • Spa Beauty Treatments — Misleading, I am not really into pedicures, manicures or facials
  • Wash, cut and blow dry; now just a dry cut
  • Paper towels
  • Fabric softener
  • Ready-to-defrost-or-eat meals
  • Magazines
  • CD’s — I buy the tunes I want on iTunes
  • DVD’s — BF is more into this than me
  • Buying lunch — 99% of the time when I work
  • Fizzy pop
  • Credit card interest Misleading. I’ve never paid any.
  • Newspapers
  • Gift wrap
  • Bottled water
  • Cleaning items — I use baking soda and vinegar
  • Handbags (Another big fat no for me. I love bags, shoes and jewellery. What can I say?)

April 2009 Additions:

  • Student Loan interest debt — WOO HOO! I am debt free!!
  • Shampoo Long hair in the summer takes too long to wash without shampoo. Am using green brands now.
  • Conditioner Surprisingly, my hair gets very dry without conditioner. Switched back.
  • Hair styling products in general
  • Feminine products — Using the Diva Cup now
  • Cable TV — I watch it online
  • Books — I got some books for review, but now I read e-books
  • Any kind of fruit juice or sugary drink as a regular grocery item
  • Paper Statement — Saves me $1.00 each cycle, as per my corporation’s bank
  • Accountant fees — I do my own taxes with UFile — dead easy, and QuickBooks for my corporation
  • Gym Fees — I cycle and walk
  • Dishwashing detergent
  • Laundry detergent
  • Starbucks — Got violent motion sickness last time & now associate that taste with nausea
  • Cupcakes — Ditto. Belly hurt after overdosing on cupcakes.
  • Paying for fees to check in bags when I fly—I never check anything in. 2 carryons, max
  • Tissue Paper as Napkins — Bought cloth napkins
  • Car insurance & leases—$300/year in full, bought car outright in cash
  • Organic foods that have thick, inedible skins — What’s the point?
  • Pens/Paper/Pencils — I have enough stock to start my own elementary school

April 2010 Additions:

  • Plastic Bags — I use reusable ones now
  • Paper Towels (Conquered!)
  • All Tissue Paper! (I use handkerchiefs now)
  • Fancy flavoured chemical creamers (Stuck vanilla bean seed pods into brown sugar for scent. Good enough!)
  • Batteries — I try to get rechargeable lithium ion items, and I use these USB-powered Double AA batteries
  • Paying for GPS and Car Rental Damage & Waiver Fees — Got a Visa to cover those fees if I pay with the card
  • Giving and Receiving Christmas Cards and Gifts — I’d rather go out to have coffee
  • Commercially-made Pita Bread, Cookies and Biscuits — I bake it myself, and avoid the preservatives
  • Body Lotion & Hair conditioner that is not more basic — I now use shea butter, olive oil and coconut oil

I think I am near the end!

So, what have you eliminated that you do not miss?

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