This doesn’t really feel like my home.

In Montreal I mean.

Just reading the tweets from Revanche about her moving for her new job and feeling homesick but trying to ignore it…

That’s the way I still feel sometimes — I don’t feel like this city is my home.

I don’t feel like I actually live here, which is silly, because I’ve been here for almost 2 years.

Some cities, you just don’t click with, I guess.. particularly if you KNOW it’s going to be temporary (less than 5 years).

Toronto feels much more like my home, since I’ve been there for the majority of my life.

I’m homesick for the city right now, at this instant.

The only thing that feels like home is being in this apartment with BF, but when he’s gone, it doesn’t feel like I belong here.

Maybe it’s a sign I should get out in the city and explore more, so I feel less like a touriste.

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