Sometimes I wish…

… I had done all of this stuff sooner.

Known about my money and my situation sooner.

Learned how to budget and watch out for deals.

Learned all about compounding interest.

Or having been super smart enough to be frugal in college, and not having wasted (yes I wasted!!!) so much money on things that are in the end, NOT THAT BLOODY IMPORTANT.

Not having been the greater idiot who was the one who listened to my (much) older sibling give me some of the most idiotic advice of my life that has cost me at least $15,000 so far, by my count.

Not having allowed myself to get so caught up in the emotional drama of my life, thinking it was normal, when in fact it was exhausting, frustrating and NOT the stuff of life.

I wish I had been smarter, to catch all that.

Or finding minimalism early on, and not having wasted so much money on clothes that I am now selling at 30% of their original retail price.

Or having wasted money on… I don’t even know what.

Just stuff that has since been tossed, donated or sold.

I know the end result of a journey is what matters; that getting here is the only thing that matters.

.. but sometimes I wish I had found all of these things sooner than I actually did.

All this stuff sounds SO ordinary.

So simple.

And totally listed under the category of “All the Common Sense in Life” that it makes me smack my forehead and go:

FB, just why the hell didn’t you KNOW or care to know about saving, debt, compounding interest, interest or just plain ol’ budgeting and watching your expenses?

I can’t even say “no one told me about all of this stuff before” as an excuse.

Well, technically I can say that my parents never guided me….

…but in reality, I can’t blame anyone, not even my parents, for not having done any of these things sooner.

See, the way I see it, is that I was already in college and going through it, and therefore if I got into college, I was already supposed to be smart enough to have learned about all of this on my own.

Or at least from watching TV… right? I knew things cost money.

And I knew people saved.

And I knew I had a finite amount of money to spend.

And that the money I was taking out was debt and not free cash to do whatever I wanted with.

Oh well.

On the bright side, at least I am not 65, widowed and learning about my money for the first time, right?

I could have not figured any of this out until I was teetering on the brink of having to sign up for the Cat Food & Tin Can Gathering Retirement Plan, just because I buried my head in the sand like an ostrich.

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