March 2010 Budget Roundup +$18,865.61

MARCH 2010 INCOME: $19,837.50

  • After a 19% tax, I net $16,670.17

And with that cheque, my contract is finished.

I will have enough money to live for the whole year and travel to Europe for 2 months if I am careful.

Any subsequent earnings (contracts, side work) will go into savings.

MARCH 2010 EXPENSES: $3016.57

  • Business: $1683.14
  • Life: $1333.43 / $898.25 *depending on how you look at it

*Will explain in the budget breakdown


MARCH 2010 LIFE EXPENSES: $1333.43 or $898.25 depending on how you look at it

I don’t really budget for one-off things because I just dip into my petty savings to pay for things like renewing my car license.

So I have two totals for you: one says I went over the $1000 budget this month and the other says that I stayed under by about $100

Savings: $3000

I also saved $3000 into my savings account for the TFSA.

Will save more once I get the money from my business Accounts Receivable in my account.


NET WORTH: $81,106.17

Increased by: $18,865.61 or 23%

No debts.

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