How to make laundry more enjoyable

(Umm.. no cats in the machine, okay? Source)

Would you believe that I actually enjoy laundry?

Call me crazy, but since I don’t do much in laundry, I like folding it, putting it away, ironing shirts.

Don’t start care packaging laundry to me. That was NOT an invitation.


What makes it more fun for me, is mindless work. I don’t have to think, write, type or do anything except make sure something looks clean and smooth.

I throw on my Pink Apple Shuffle, clip it to myself and dance around the apartment while fluffing towels (yeah, I’ll bet you have a really great image of that in your head now right?)

But here are some of my favourite laundry To Dos.

I always prep everything

I check all the pockets for missed tissues, papers, pens, coins, handkerchiefs.

I zip up the pants because if they are unzipped, the washer actually wears down the zipper and twists it beyond recognition which makes it hellish to zip up properly later, resulting in frustrating “ARRGH! Why are you stuck you sonofa#&$^@ ……***cue ripping noise“.

You know what I mean.

I also turn what I don’t want to fade in the wash inside out, and I pre-treat stains before they set and before tossing them in the laundry bin.

For everything that has to be dryer-free

I sling it on my back, head upstairs and immediately hang them to dry in the bathroom.

Why the bathroom? Because I don’t have a laundry room with a nicely installed bar to hang my clothes on, nor a clothes rack.

The bathroom is the cheapest, easiest option, apart from your closet which may or may not be overflowing with clothes to begin with

If you want to wash something that you don’t want to get lost…

Safety pin it. It’s the easiest, safest way to make sure that the shoelaces you are finally getting around to washing, don’t get tangled in the wash.

2 safety pins, one on either end of the shoelace, pinned to a towel. Comes out untangled, loose, and clean.

I use cold water for everything BUT whites

Never mind this sorting by darks, lights and whites. Everything goes into cold except for whites, which include towels (kitchen and bathroom), bedsheets, pillowcases and other items that require hot water washing.

It makes things a lot easier. Then I toss it all in the same dryer and let ‘er rip. (Source of Yellow Shoe Laundry)

Wash delicates by hand

“Seriously, FB?!”

Yes, seriously. I don’t have many lacy, delicate things that need to be handwashed, as per my shopping rule of:

No dryclean only items, No delicate handwash only items and Nothing that requires much work.

But I do have a couple of items that I just quickly run under water and scrub. Then I squeeze without wringing the item and let it dry on a towel.

Don’t let the item get bent out of its shape. Wool sweaters are notorious for this, which is why I only own one and mysteriously shrank the rest.

Throw some tennis balls in for good measure

In the dryer that is. 2 or 3 clean tennis balls, throw them in to keep items from being tangled up with each other, and to absorb the water (they’re really absorbent).

It helps cut down on the drying time, especially when you have thick heavy towels.

Any other laundry tips?

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