How the heck do supermodels do it?

You hear these bizarre stories about supermodels losing weight and “surviving” on chili water with honey and an apple a day.

Me, I ate an orange, 4 square bars of chocolate, and a quarter tub of yoghurt in the morning around 8 a.m., with lots of water

Then.. I just forgot to eat.

(Partly because I assumed BF would cook, as he had the rice cooker going, but alas, the rice was for tomorrow‘s meal, and not today’s.)

But by 3 p.m., I was feeling faint and dizzy. I wanted to throw up. Or crawl into a bed and sleep, while waiting for the room to stop spinning.

There would have been no way for me to be able to stand up for even 10 minutes to make a meal, not that I even had an appetite to eat it!

I didn’t want to even think about food.

It was as though I had been stuck in a small car and spun in a circle for hours to activate my nasty motion sickness.

So knowing that my body was giving me some serious “you must eat something” signals, I drank some water, and then slowly forced another orange down my throat, with another quarter tub of yoghurt before I felt “okay” enough to stand up and make myself a (quick) real meal — ramen with eggs and vegetables.

And even after eating that, I felt “okay”, but still weak.

So how the heck do these girls survive on an apple a day? Or a salad a day without fainting? Especially collapsing on the runway in a heap?

They’re a good foot taller than I am in most cases, and way lighter!!!

That being said, perhaps it’s just my body.

I’ve watched BF (the Food Camel) go a whole day with just a bowl of oatmeal in the morning and a 600 gram tub of yoghurt, feeling perfectly spry and fine.

What he ate, is what I’d consider to be snacks in between meals!

Maybe my body is more sensitive to not having food in it than most…

And how about you? Do you NEED to eat at every 4 hour intervals like I do, or are you a food camel, like BF?

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