How I ended up with 50 pairs of shoes

I was eying my wardrobe the other day, and reflecting upon how I even ended up with such a varied, but functional wardrobe.

I have so many things in my wardrobe for so many occasions and seasons.

(Okay, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it).

I mean yes, I had more than I needed before I chopped it in half and sold anything I didn’t wear or couldn’t wear any longer, but I can see how I got myself into that “mess” of clothing and shoes.

And I blame it on the weather.

I’ve lived in a climate with 4 seasons for all of my life, and I thought it’d be an interesting exercise to go over the different ways it has affected my spending, especially with spending on my wardrobe and attire.


I sweat very, very easily. Even in winter.

Even if I am walking fast in minus 60 degrees, I will still sweat, no matter what I am or am not wearing.

If I eat hot soups or stews in any climate, I sweat.

(BF was particularly amused by this).

But I also get cold very quickly, especially in my toes and my fingers, no matter what I do to cover them and baby them into staying warm.

So I need lots of options and no one piece is every perfect enough, without another layering piece.

The 4 seasons: cold, windy, snowy, & icy

I mean it’s ridiculous outside right now!

Makes you not want to leave the apartment for anything.

April Snow

April Snow by Kayceeus @ DeviantArt

Sure, there’s a summer. And a spring. And an autumn.

But blink and they’re gone.

I think the Autumn and Spring lasts about a month and a half, with Summer ranging from 2-3 months. Although recently, it’s been really flaky and cool, cold then super hot.

Very strange weather.

The worst thing about these 4-season countries, is having to have specific items for every season.

In the summer, I am always looking for light clothing, nothing too constricting, comfortable, breathable fabrics, and shoes that wouldn’t make my feet sweat.I never want to wear anything formal, long-sleeved, dark or with a thick fabric.

My hair is perpetually tied up in a ponytail, and about wearing makeup? Forget that stuff.

It melts right off my face.

But that’s only just for a couple of months.

The wardrobe for layering in Winter and Autumn is where it hits me the hardest.

You can’t wear your winter jacket in Autumn because it’s too heavy and warm.

So you buy an Autumn Jacket.

Which turns out to be too warm for even cool Summer nights.

So you need something lighter.

We’re up to 3 jackets at a minimum right now!

But everything is revealed when we move on to the shoe wardrobe.

You buy a pair ofΒ  regular shoes for Spring, like a pair of ballet flats. Or runners.

Shoe Closet by MillerTime30 @ DeviantArt

Shoe Closet by MillerTime30 @ DeviantArt

In Summer, you can’t wear regular shoes, or you will end up with little ovens attached to your feet. Your feed need air circulation to lessen the sweating.

But in Autumn, you need warmer shoes, so you buy Autumn Boots.

Then in Winter, you can’t wear your Autumn Boots because they need to be waterproof, windproof and WARM.

We’re up to 4 sets of shoes right now at a minimum:

  • Spring: Ballet Flats/Runners
  • Summer: Flip Flops/Sandals
  • Autumn: Light Boots
  • Winter: Warm Boots

And then don’t forget the rain.

Depending on how much you get, you’ll need knee-high rainboots to make it through the day, but you can’t wear Winter boots because you’ll sweat.

  • Rainboots, occasionally

Then you might need dress shoes, heels, or options. Especially if you’re a shoe-a-holic like me.

And that, is how I ended up with 50 pairs of shoes in a closet. Really!

It’s been pared down some, but 30 pairs seems to be my minimum. πŸ˜›

It gets expensive, even to get a bare minimum shoe wardrobe. I’d say I have about $1000+ in shoes.

I’m leaning towards the +, assuming each pair of shoes is around $50 on average.

With 30 pairs x $30 = $1500!

Mind you, this has been collecting over the years, and I am including shoes such as $1 flip flops and gifts.

Even Barbie has a mad collection of shoes, and she’s a DOLL!

Barbie's Shoe Closet by Patricia Morel @ DeviantArt

Barbie's Shoe Closet by Patricia Morel @ DeviantArt

Let’s not even get started on the clothing.

I have it all, for every season, every event, and every possible combination.

I think if I could pick the perfect climate, it’d be one season year-round so I can stop trying to think that there’s a cuter, warmer, nicer, better coat out there for Winter.

My favourite seasons have to be Spring or Autumn. Cool, comfortable, and not covered up with a bulky winter coat, or stripped down to just the bare minimum because it’s so humid.

I don’t really like extremes.

I prefer in-the-middle West Coast weather around 20 degrees Celsius, but I’ve lived on the East most of my life.

Winter has definitely cost me the most money, because I invest a lot more in warm, waterproof boots and thick jackets, mittens, gloves, earmuffs, hats and thermal sweaters.

So? Which season has cost you the most money?

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