How I cleared up my acne

Eating & Drinking

I think the #1 thing that helped clear up my skin and keep it amazingly clear in Portugal was the clean, pure, unfiltered, direct-from-the-mountain water.

tomatoes heirloom

Some people think they're ugly. I think they're beautiful!

The second, was eating natural grown-in-the-backyard fruits and veggies.

And during that time, I actually ate MORE meat, seafood, salty things, sweets, deep fried things, daily ice cream bars, chocolates and soda than I’d normally do.

None of that extra deep fried stuff seemed to affect my skin because I was taking care of it by splashing clear mountain water on it each night, drinking good water, and eating pure, ugly looking, natural foods that were grown without pesticides, chemicals and weren’t genetically modified.

Now that I’m back in Canada, I noticed 3 or 4 pimples pop up within the first week.

It may also be due to the climate but I cannot confirm that.

Not wearing makeup

I didn’t wear much makeup in Portugal. But that didn’t seem to affect anything because I don’t wear much makeup here in Canada.

I go au naturel most of the time, and if I can manage to swipe on some eyeliner, blush and undereye concealer, it’s a big day for me… or I am going to a client site/meeting new people.

I suppose wearing makeup leaves a lot of chemicals, grime and grease on your face that can be difficult at times to clean out of your pores, which causes pimples.

And you NEED to wash it off with a cleanser.

Skin Washing Regime

I washed with only splashing water and dabbing it off in Portugal.

I’ve kept that same regime back here. Just washing my face and dabbing it off.

No cleansers because I don’t go out every day, and I don’t wear makeup when I do go out.

If I do wear makeup, I do use a cleanser.

Acne-battling Regime

I only got 3 or 4 pimples that have since disappeared because I’ve found a routine that works for me that gets rid of my pimples within 3-5 days.

Proactiv Refining Sulfur MasqueDuring the day, when I see a pimple pop up, it gets an immediate dab of super fine Panoxyl Benzoyl Peroxide Aquagel 5%.

It has a water base for sensitive skin and is the best one I’ve used for my skin out of all the benzoyl’s out there.

At night, I splash water on my face, dab it off, and every other night, I put on a dab of Proactiv Sulfur Refining Masque and leave it on while I sleep.

(Yes, I HAVE scared BF, but he’s too nice to say anything.)

Any kind of cream or masque with sulfur in it will work.

If you find a cheap cream or masque that says “Chemical Ingredient: Sulfur 6%” or something, it’ll probably work just as well.

Mario Badescu also has a sulfur-infused drying cream but I found it a tad more expensive than Proactiv. Read Rae’s review of it here.

Every other night, I also dab salicylic acid on the pimples.

This seems to work for me. Not too aggressive, not too gentle.

So that’s it. Eat and drink well, do as little as possible to your skin, and have a quick acne-banishing routine ready.

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