You’ve got the money, spend it!

shoppingDo you hear that a lot from enablers around you? (Er… my tweets on Twitter are not to be included in this discussion)

Roland @ Queer Cents wrote a nice piece on being Pressured to Spend, and here’s an excerpt:

For my vacation this year I was thinking more of the “staycation” idea, though I haven’t ruled out an overseas trip yet or even a two week Road Trip on the bike.

What I am getting from everyone is:

“you have plenty of money…do both…what good is it doing you?…what good is it having money if you don’t enjoy it?…stop being cheap….what have you got to worry about?”

I’ve tried to explain numerous times that I don’t have to go away to be content….that I’m just as happy sitting down reading a book at home as doing the same laying poolside on a cruise ship and while cruises are fun they are not the sole form of vacation….granted they may currently be the CHEAPEST form….but they are not the sole form….and maybe I LIKE seeing numbers greater than $0 when I open my monthly bank and brokerage statements.

All I could think was: OH MY GOD YES!!! This is what I get all the time from friends and co-workers.

My family doesn’t think I’m cheap, they think I’m spending too much sometimes (travelling all the time and spending money on very nice headphones for airplane travel…).

My family has also been told that I keep my expenses VERY low every month (~$700), so I can afford travelling or buying nice things because I cut back in other ways, and happily, for reasons other than just for money, like trying to become a minimalist.

As for my friends… or my previous co-workers?

They think that spending $80 on some fancy breakfast in a castle is the height of luxury.

All I could think was: For $80, I could make killer meals for breakfast, lunch AND dinner.

I couldn’t stomach the idea of spending $80 on some fresh fruit, some melted chocolate everyone is dipping their skewers into, toast and some eggs with bacon or ham.

It probably costs a total of $10 in the amount of ingredients I’d eat!!!

I also remember telling a client I worked with: Oh, I don’t buy designer anything.

(I can’t remember how the topic came up)

She misunderstood and said: Why not? You can afford it! You should treat yourself!

I kept quiet to be polite, and just smiled but what I meant was:

I think designer items are nice, but not my style and I’d rather support independent and local designers… and I treat myself in ways other than splurging on designer goods just because of a label.

That’s not to say that I NEVER lust after designer goods, but I cannot imagine spending $2000 on a leather bag. It’s just not my style, even if I really like it. If it was $200 or $500, my wallet would be in trouble… but $2000?

Inconceivable. Just not in me.

I like to spend on what I like if I deem it to be worth it.

And I really do prefer to support independent or local designers, like those on Etsy.

With that being said, some handmade items are not worth the money in my opinion, because it’s a simple metal circle.. but they want $85 because of the materials used and the labour… when I’d rather just buy the cheaper metal version at Claire’s Accessories for $10.

(Sorry! It’s true! Bad FB.)

For me, it’s really the balance between quality, function and price.

All are equally important, and if the quality is MUCH better for more money, I’d consider spending the difference, or if I could REALLY use the item and it happens to cost that price… I’d buy it.

But if the quality or function is not as important in the item.. I tend to go on the cheap end on price.

All the other comments I get are along the same lines:

You can afford it.Don’t be cheap.

Splurge! You’re young only once!

What’s the point of having all the money if you don’t spend it?

To which I silently respond with: ARRRGGH!!


I just spend it on other things that I think are a bigger priority.

I think people are a bunch of voyeurs.

They just want you to spend so that they feel good that they got someone to spend the money and enjoy themselves, because they don’t have the means to do so, and/or they want the excuse to say: But FB over there bought that, so I HAVE to get it too.

If I wanted to be mean, I could say what one commenter said:

“That’s why I have the money. Because I don’t spend it on things I don’t really need or want.”

What about you? Received any similar comments? How do you respond?

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