You don’t even want to know…

So let’s recap.

Monday: Found out my job has fallen through and I am not staying as long as I expected, even though it was “confirmed”

Tuesday: Ranted to colleagues and treated self to a lunch

Wednesday: Got a new apartment in a new city

Thursday: BF moved in

Friday/Saturday: Explored the city a bit and started buying toilet paper, etc.

Sunday: Decided to move out. Back to Montreal for the interim.


Because of the noise.

It isn’t the road, the neighbours, the dogs or children screaming in the halls.

This place is deathly quiet!

It’s this awful humming noise that won’t go away, because the elevator motor runs through the whole building but is not cushioned against the noise, so it vibrates against the building… creating a power plant-like feel.

We feel like we’re sleeping in labs or something, and the noise is like a soft, constant drill of your mother’s nagging against your head.

We also can’t find another apartment here in the city because it literally has 4 high-rise buildings, and this was the one of the only three apartments that were available for rent.

The other 2 were conventionally noisy with wooden walls, neighbours and pets making my allergies start up FULL BLAST.

I was sick for half the day after visiting that second apartment.


Back to Montreal.

The good news, is that while I originally thought it was 6 hours to pack and unpack, it might only be an hour and a half.

I packed all my stuff in an hour. Literally.

And BF is still going on the kitchen, but it’ll take another half hour and he’s done too.

We could move and unpack in 3 hours, sans* moving time.

* sans = French for “without”


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