Why does it seem like men cheat more than women?

I really don’t believe it’s all biological or that men are pigs.

That’s a lot of hogwash! (Get it? Get it?… Never mind.)

It’s just a question of circumstance, opportunity and attitude.

Plenty of women cheat. Just as much as men, I’d wager.

So here are my three vague theories about why it seems like men cheat more than women.

1. Generally more men are successful than women.

Hang on.

Don’t get your panties in a twist just yet.

bclinton-lewinsky2Read the whole paragraph before going straight to the comments and ranting.

We have the infamous glass ceiling.

Women typically make less money than men, and get passed over for more executive promotions than men because of the fact that they’re the ones who get pregnant and give birth to babies.

That’s it.

That’s the only major difference between men and women in the workplace — maternity leave.

As a side note, great solution would be to implement mandatory paternity leave so it evens out the playing field.

For that reason, it is why men are generally more successful than women.

Which means, they are also usually the gender that is under the most scrutiny from the media and it SEEMS as though more men cheat than women.

2. Women in the relationship seem to be mistresses most of the time.

It really seems as though in many of the cases of women coming forward and saying that she slept with so-and-so, she is a single woman (or escort) with no boyfriend or husband.

It never seems to be a married woman with kids who risked it all to be with a politician or famous celebrity.

Those famous men are generally always married with/without kids and just simply have more to lose.

3. Men seem to be intimidated by famous, successful women.

Which means, that average men don’t approach said women.

And the chances of a married woman celebrity cheating on her husband is quite low as a result.

If they see a sexy celebrity across the way, most Average Joes are not going to go up and start whispering sexy sweet nothings in her ear.

They’re thinking: What the heck do I have to offer to her? She’s rich, famous, beautiful AND smart. I have nothing she wants.

jolie_pittThe opposite is true with women approaching men.

Those women know they have the beauty and body that those men are craving for, and perhaps a slight biological need to spread the seed around, kicks into place.

A man with lots of women throwing themselves at him, is a happy man. He’ll take any of them.

And a woman, with lots of men after her, is a happy woman… but seeing as she has the “power” in these relationships, will only pick the best of the lot, and secure her choice.

More strategic, I think.

So those are my three hare-brained theories about why it SEEMS as though men cheat on women more.

Care to share any of your own?

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