Review: Korres Wild Rose 24-Hour Moisturizing Cream with SPF 6 $35 for 1.4 oz.

I am on the lookout for natural products with as little ingredients as possible, to replace my current regimen.

So, on the hunt for a day-time moisturizer that will not:

  • smell like sunscreen (BF feels ill when he smells it, because it makes him nauseous)
  • sit on my skin like a mask
  • not feel oily

..and a moisturizer that will:

  • absorb into my skin properly, when I put a teaspoonful on my face (as you should)
  • smell great, but not too strong
  • work well under a primer like Smashbox’s Primer, or possibly Tarte’s Clean Slate
  • make my skin feel soft and moisturized

Enter: Korres Wild Rose 24-Hour Moisturizer SPF 6

I picked up a sample at Sephora, and have been experimenting with it.

First, by just applying it without washing my face — Bad idea.

Second, by applying it after washing my face — Much better.

And trying different types of primers over it to see how the product pairs up:

  • Korres Vitamin E Cream Primer
  • Tarte Clean Slate that feels like a Smashbox Primer, is more natural & is cheaper

What it is formulated WITHOUT:

– Parabens
– Sulfates
– Synthetic Dyes
– Petro-Chemicals
– Phthalates
– Triclosan

And their supposedly “active” ingredients:

(Which I don’t care too much about (or believe), I just wanted something more natural and moisturizing but I couldn’t care less if it had that stuff below in it)

-Regenerative Oak Extract: Firms and plumps aging skin, radically boosting collagen and elastin production.
-Quercetin Active: Delivers the most active, well-established polyphenol for maximum antioxidant protection; catalyzes proteasome activity in skin cells, dramatically improving cellular function, and creating more youthful, healthy, elastic skin.
-Mourera Fluviatilis: Constantly regulates the optimum hydration of the cells, maintaining their health and improving their quality.
-Myrtle Active Extract: Enhances intercellular communication, visibly increasing skin density, protecting collagen fibers, and significantly boosting elasticity.

All the Good Things

  • It smells heavenly, like a light scent of roses
  • It doesn’t make BF gag
  • It has SPF 6 in it
  • It seems to absorb a teaspoon quite nicely

All the Bad Things

  • It isn’t SPF 15, but for its lack of oiliness (which is usually the SPF), I’m compromising
  • It costs $35 for 1.4 oz (ouch!)
  • You MUST wash your face in the morning before using it, or else face the risk of looking like you dipped your whole face into a bowl of mineral oil

Other than that, highly recommended.

I mean, the SPF is half what it should be, but for everything else I am getting, like the non-gag factor from BF, I am thrilled.

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