I love my car.

Rambling though: It’s amazing how much you can appreciate something so banal.

I don’t have a new, or a fancy car — it’s a secondhand minivan that I bought for $2000 in cash, and it runs like a charm.

What it cost and is continuing to cost me

  • $300 a year in insurance ($25/month but I pay it in full up front)
  • Renewing my license plate ($200/year)
  • Renewing my license ($86/year)

In total, I pay $586 or $48.83 a month to keep my car on the road. Plus gas.

As for maintenance — I don’t drive it very much, but it doesn’t seem to have any problems at all, from when the mechanic did a full check-up on it last year.

I may just have to replace the tires in a year or two, but if I don’t work the car hard, or try to do too much to it, it could even last longer.

Everything you need in a car — it has:

  • cruise control
  • gas pedal
  • brake pedal
  • heat
  • air conditioning
  • a speedometer
  • gas tank
  • lots of space

When I backup into a space or drive, there is plenty of window space all around for me to make sure I don’t run over anyone.

There’s not much more I really need in a car, if I think about it. 🙂

It works, it’s safe, and I don’t pay a crazy amount of money to have it, and that’s all I care about.

I’ve even tried other cars..

I drove a Dodge Charger for about 2 months and while it was nice and stylish, it felt cramped in comparison to my minivan.

It sure was sexy though.

But I was inside, not looking at it from the outside, so it really doesn’t make a difference to me when I drive.

Other than that, it was nice that it had a CD player instead of a Tape Cassette player.

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