Am working through some things right now…

..and I haven’t been as present on Twitter and blogging in general for a few reasons.

I am not apologizing for it, because life happens.

So let me update you on what’s been going on in FB’s World lately.

1. I moved again!

Yes it’s within Canada, and we have LESS stuff than before if that was possible 😛

I shall take some new pictures and you can all see how we’ve pared down on even more stuff.

We are prepping to be able to move in the next couple of years with a single car, driving down to the States for when we both land jobs there.

I am also paying less rent in our new place (as if that was possible, eh?) and that budget comparison will follow shortly.

2. Work is unexpectedly up in the air.

While things didn’t work out, I am happy I have made enough money (so far) to live for the whole year.

Any new contract will be put into savings, but right now my income stands at ~$20,000 a year.

I’ll have a lot more free time in the upcoming weeks, and to make lemonade out of lemons, I may take the opportunity to come back to Toronto for a week or so, now that I am going to have a lot of free time.

3. I am spending as much time with BF as possible.

He has a contract in other city coming up for a couple of months and will not be here during the week, so I am selfishly taking the time to absorb as much BF’ness before it hits.

I’ll only get to see him on weekends.. which has been our thing for the past little while now, and it will continue for a couple more months.

4. I have a new city to explore.

Kind of cold here right now, but once it warms up, I have a map of neighbourhoods I need to start browsing.

I also have my car here, so it’ll be easier to get around.

5. I have to start thinking about our trip to Europe!

We might take 2 months off instead of 1, if we’re both free.

Still going to France for a 7 weeks and 1 week in England.

If need be, we’ll come back for contracts if they come up, however since it’ll be near the end of summer, I doubt anything will materialize.

This means I need to start thinking about what I MUST eat, see and do.

To Eat: Macarons, Croque-Monsieurs, Official Fish & Chips from England, Harrod’s Toffee and Foreign-Anythings in the grocery stores are on my list.


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