Weeding out the lazy ones

In response to my “We want it all, and we want it all NOW” post, a lot of great comments came out of it.

Namely, the different subtleties in being unhappy and not being happy.

I didn’t quite go into details then, but I will now.

If you are unhappy with yourself, then take action to make a change for the better so that you CAN feel satisfied and happy with yourself.

If you are choosing to not be happy, sitting around, whining about it, and expecting the world on a silver platter is not helping.

If you don’t do anything (even a little bit), you’re just simply lazy.

Let’s say you need to spend the time on weekends or at night to go get that certification paid for by your work before you can ask for a raise.

Instead of sitting around saying:

“Stupid certification.

Why can’t they just GIVE me the damn raise without it? I can do my job just fine without it!

They’re making me do something so totally useless it hurts.

I hate this company. I hate my job.

I wish I was born a millionaire, or famous like the Jolie-Pitt clan.”

It’s not that you can’t do your job without it.

Or that you aren’t smart without a piece of paper saying so.

It’s for other reasons too.

Perhaps there’s are other reasons:

  • to weed out the lazy ones who can’t and won’t, even for a raise
  • to weed out those who really don’t care about their career
  • to weed out those who want to just sit idle instead of push themselves  forward

The words mean the same thing: unhappy = not being happy; but seen in a different light, they can be interpreted in different ways.

The whole idea of being unhappy with yourself as many commenters have said, is so that you can use it as a motivation to push yourself to do better and to improve upon what you dislike.

Not being happy, is almost like a choice that you’ve made to be unhappy and to whine about it without doing anything.

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