Wearable fashion has taken a nosedive recently

I went (window) shopping.

Okay before you say anything about my shopping ban, I feel the need to remind you that I am allowed to buy 3 things on my exception list for 2010, to be purchased at each milestone (3 months):

  • Knee-high grey boots (no luck here because I am not quite sure what I want yet)
  • Trench coat (bad luck here, because I’m only lusting after the Burberry ones!! Ack!)
  • Leather jacket (so far, found a perfect one for $575, fainted & moved on)

Still looking for these options above, the only must, is the leather jacket.

And a real leather jacket, not a faux one, because they make me sweat like a pig in heat and they tend to feel … squeaky.. for lack of a better description.

So anyway, I went window shopping just to see what I’m missing (I know, bad idea, right?) and THERE WAS NOTHING I WANTED TO BUY.

Other than that $575 leather jacket from Aritzia that didn’t even come in the colour I wanted (dark brown), the stores are just lacking in tempting clothing.

Everything is:

  • neutral — sands, beiges, greys, blacks; I love me a neutral, but I want colour & pattern!
  • colours I’d never wear — neons were huge for some reason & really funky 70s prints
  • patterns — none to really speak of; I saw a great red print pattern but hated the style
  • style/shape I can’t pull off — super skin tight? strange fabrics? assymetrical what!?

…all just unwearable for me.

I can’t wear neon green, grass green, beige, sandy colours or anything that makes me look sickly.

The only decent colour was the vibrant purples I saw. The really neon magenta pinks? Not so much.

Glad I’m on a shopping ban. The stores have just made it so much easier to resist — there’s nothing I want.

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