Was an unhealthy FB this week…

Ate very badly.

Mostly because I just felt like being bad.

Shawarmas galore!

I’ve been eating these chicken shawarma’s (Lebanese fast food) at least twice a week.

For $6, how can you go wrong?

My BFF Miss Vickie tempted me at the store

Then I talked to my new BFF “Vickie” and purchased a bag of her delicious, addictive chips.

I find they have more flavour than the Kettle Chips, but I’ll experiment time.

Took me a week to finish the bag.

Then this brownie jumped into my hands…

To top it off, I also bought this brownie (took me 3 days to finish it).

It is one of those seriously bad for you brownies.

The kind that makes you say: “Don’t even think about what they could have possibly put into that brownie to make it so shiny, so sticky and so disgustingly good.”

This is how I roll

And in case you’re interested, this is what I bring on business trips:

Purse and carry on.

My hotel room was bigger than our apartment!

It’s just missing the kitchen, and the bathroom is a bit smaller, but it’s about the size of what we live in.

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