The Keg, Valentine’s Day and Working on Contract

The Keg Celebration

I’m taking BF out to The Keg for lunch today (apparently the food is quite good there), to celebrate my new contract.

I told him he could even order a $3.00 iced tea (inside joke — read “The Cheap Opportunist“)!

I guess this can also be our Valentine’s thing too. ๐Ÿ™‚

BF is really the sweetest guy, EVER

See, we don’t really celebrate commercial holidays like Valentine’s Day.

Only Birthdays and Anniversary really matter to us.

I don’t believe that only one day a year can be the day you tell someone you love and appreciate them — it’s the whole YEAR.

Same goes for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, in my opinion.

So in the spirit of not celebrating and falling into the commercial trap of the holidays, I am always pleasantly surprised or pleased when he does something out of the blue, like now.

His idea was not directly related to Valentine’s Day, but he mentioned to me today (Feb 13th) that he is going to cook Poulet Marengo (Chicken Marengo-style) for tomorrow, and make extra so that I can bring 5 days of breakfasts and lunches to work without cooking for this week.

Isn’t that wonderful? ๐Ÿ™‚

Such a keeper.

Working on Contract

I. Love. It.

I am thrilled that my interviews fell through (yes, that’s why I was in Toronto), and for (unsubstantiated) reasons I will not go into, they felt that I wasn’t good enough to join their company.

Pooh to them, because I started on a contract the week after I was rejected, and I love working in Ottawa even more.

The client is great and the work is challenging and fulfilling.

I am covering my own expenses in my rate while I am at the client, so a post on how I am saving money while traveling on business is coming up.

I also talked to them about flexible hours, and I will be working Monday to Thursday, with my Fridays off.

They even mentioned on more than one occasion that they will need to keep me on past March, so this might be a full-time year long contract.

Right now, I am going to net about $20,000 and if they keep me on for a year, it’ll be an extra $150,000 net after taxes and expenses.

And after living expenses for a year, perhaps $120,000? Nevertheless, I think I’ll hit my goal of a $100,000 net worth this year.

Overall, a pretty good start to a great week.


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