Sorry if I am not around much — I got a contract!

Yep. You read right.

I am working full-time until for a month and a half.

My gross income after this contract is done, will be $30,000.

I figured out the general numbers, and I’ll net after expenses and taxes, about $20,000 give or take a couple thousand.

Am going to try to live and travel on the cheap (sandwiches to work, the whole shebang).

It’s a lot of money, but if I don’t work for the rest of the year, it’ll just be enough to cover my personal expenses this year.

I just hope the contract gets extended.

Yay for not going into the red this month! Mama’s rollin’ in some dough to replenish the accounts!

More details to come in the February end of month roundup.

Oh yeah.. if I am not around so much, it’s because I am internet-less, and trying to stay professional during work; meaning I am not going to be on Twitter or doing anything online until I get back in my hotel room at night or on the weekends.

The most I’ll do, is check my personal email.

It’s just not professional when they’re contracting me for something else.

Plus, I think they can see what I send and sign into on the internet.

Wouldn’t want to out myself after so long. :\

I’ll miss everyone during the week…. *sigh* .. I’ve gotten so used to being on Twitter, it’ll be hard to break away.

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