Review: Skyn Iceland Oxygen Infusion Night Cream with Biospheric Complex $75 for 1.98 oz.

$75 USD at Sephora

The hype I don’t believe: “OXYGEN INFUSION”

  • You have to stabilize oxygen in products, and in doing so, might destroy its properties
  • Oxygen has free radicals in it & getting more oxygen is not a good thing

Either way, I don’t care.

This was the only natural night cream that worked from all the samples I snagged.

I also tried Korres Honey & Thyme, but that stuff just sat on my face like a heavy masque.

I had to wash the Korres Honey & Thyme off my face and apply the Skyn cream instead.

I think the marketing is cute too. Check it out:


  • The “slip” is nice — meaning it feels good when you rub it on
  • It absorbs really nicely into your skin
  • Just a little bit goes a long way — a small dab covers my whole face
  • Cured my dry, bumpy, eczema-like spots at the top of my forehead
  • Doesn’t feel super greasy or like a masque has been applied
  • It’s pretty natural for the most part, and the only one I like out of all the naturals
  • Doesn’t fight or curdle with any  serums you put on underneath or over the lotion


  • Some say it burns or stings — I only felt a warm tingle, and then it was gone
  • Has a heavy, cologne-like fragrance that might bother some people — I don’t mind
  • It might need a little more application in certain areas because my skin has felt tight
  • The packaging is annoying — I hate dipping my finger into tubs for ANYTHING

So that’s it.

Even with all of the cons, I love it.

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