January 2010 Budget Roundup -$1732.93

This was a very strange month.

I had not planned on going back to Toronto until February, but stuff came up and I went back.

Naturally, I did a little more eating out than usual, saw my dentist and ran a couple of errands

My true one-offs are here:

We (BF and I) also went over in our eating out and grocery budgets, because we were feeding a family of 4 for  week and a half!

We were buying specialty foods like duck, stewing hen, chorizo, special bacon… it was insane, the food fest.

I’ll do a separate post on what I bought and what we/I ate in Toronto.

Keeping to $1000/month:

It’s hard when I visit another city in the middle of the month when I was not planning on doing so.

I have to pay for so much that I’ve been holding off on, that it all comes out in one big rush.

If you just look at my basic living expenses and the highlighted categories, that’s all part of the trip back to Toronto:

We were feeding my whole family, and our grocery budget doubled as a result.

I did some blogger meet-ups under the Eating Out category. (Shoulda gone for hotdogs!)

I also saw some great deals on electronics and took advantage of buying what was on my list while the buying was good.

Then finally having access to not just one, but TWO Sephora’s, I replaced my daytime moisturizer, nighttime moisturizer and facial cleanser, along with getting a little travel case for my makeup.

If we were having a normal month, It’d be more like this in my opinion:

Not that I am trying to justify the spending.

I’m just saying.

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