February 2010 Budget Roundup +$6928.24

February Income: $12,937.50

This is before 19% year-end taxes, so my real “net” is $10,479.37.

February Expenses: $3620.13

$2643.01 – Business-related

$977.12 – Personal expenses

NET EARNED: $9317.37



This is where business & personal are inextricably linked.

Business: $2643.01

I’m traveling Monday to Thursday to work in another city, and I am incurring a lot of extra expenses.

Note: I’m taking a rental car just for the winter until the snow & ice melt and it becomes safer to drive my own car.

I was pretty thrilled to have the rental last week, as a snowstorm moved in, and we were crawling at 60 km/h on the highway. It was slippery and very dangerous!

The car I own was just meant to drive within the city to clients, not city-to-city for 4 hours a week on the highway. It’s 10+ years old and I’d rather pay and be safe than be cheap and sorry.

Personal: $977.12

Just squeaked under $1000 this month.

NET WORTH = $60,241.17

Increased by $6928.24 or 12.52%


  • Cash: $88.55
  • Savings: $7038.82
  • Business: $10,051.69
  • Business Accounts Receivable: $12,937.50
  • Retirement: $30,124.61

Retirement took a bit of a beating this month, but I’m a long-term investor so I’m just going to chill out rather than freak out.

Will also max my TFSA before I receive the first payment from my client at the end of March, taking it out of savings instead.


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