Current Computer Setup

As requested, here are the pictures!

It might seem like extra stuff and it is.

It’s two extra pieces, and while they do stack and fold flat on top of each other, they’re still extras.

However, I’ve noticed the following:

Change in my posture

I now sit back, and look at the screen sitting upright.

Laptop is running cooler

Being propped up instead of blowing hot air on the table

Full-sized keyboard with number pad is  very useful

And I can move everything off the area in front of me so I can work with a notebook instead.

Or just use it normally as an easel to hold my things so I can reference my notes as I type.

Oh yes, the last bonus is that I can eat in front of the computer without making a mess on the computer.

Like so in my hotel room:

This lets me indulge in my obsession with watching food shows on television while eating.

It makes me enjoy my food more. Or something like that.

(Or sometimes, I just pretend I’m eating whatever I’m seeing on the screen)

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