Back to Toronto…

This time, without BF.

Now, I won’t feel as guilty leaving him at home when I go out — although he doesn’t seem to mind.

So I am going to make the most of it!

On my list to eat:

  • Pho from Pho Linh –> a bowl a day, is my goal; this stuff is like crack cocaine
  • Anything from J-Town –> I am going to go hogwild on sushi as a mini pat on my back
  • Macaroons from Moroco (maybe a little peek inside Anthropologie nearby? :P)
  • Hot dogs from street vendors –> I don’t care what you say, I love ’em

On my list to ogle:

  • Sony e-book reader (the 2nd gen, not the newest one) –> Soon you shall be mine!!
  • Western Digital 1TB –> My father needs a hard drive for his photos (he has billions)
  • Anything in Anthropologie –> Won’t be ogling the prices however

On my maybe To Do list:

  • Take a little trip to see my sister. It’s going to cost another ticket though πŸ™
  • Wander up and down Queen Street & snap pics unless it’s too effing cold

So if you don’t see me around for the next little while, I am in Toronto bliss!!!

Anything else I should think about adding to my list?


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