Treating Eczema: What has worked and what hasn’t

Please talk to your medical practitioner before taking any advice or medication.

Eczema doesn’t even have to start with an actual patch of skin that is specifically itchy.

Just a little mosquito bite, when scratched and untreated, can turn into a huge patch of eczema in 3 months.

I’ve tried over the counter creams, lotions, gels, oatmeal baths, icing my itches to numb the nerves, … anything that was prescribed by my dermatologist and doctor to “cure” this eczema.

I even tried Chinese herbs (gosh that stuff tastes like death).

I just kept itching and itching, and as you know with eczema, the more you itch, the worse it gets, and the bigger it gets.

I even started wearing oven mitts taped on at night so I would stop scratching my legs, and I ended up making my skin all sore, irritated and itchy the next day.


Until one day, I bought a gel called Clobetasol (medical name).

When applied lightly to unbroken eczema, it REALLY stops the itching, especially at night.

I don’t even feel it for 24-48 hours, and if I feel the slightest itch, I re-apply the lotion.

Within 7 days, any eczema spot I had was cured completely.

It was a relief to find something that worked after about 20+ years of suffering, and believe me, I tried EVERYTHING.

I also prevent eczema by keeping my skin very moisturized.

Moisturizing right after a shower when your skin is still damp and moist is key.

Moisturizing each night helps restore the moisture and stop the itching from starting.

Eating foods that help prevent the itching: not a lot of dairy products, and candy does the trick for me.

Some swear by avoiding seafood.

And not itching anything when you feel the slightest tickle is paramount.

Just rub the skin to relieve the skin, or use Clobetasol to stop the itching completely.

Good luck!

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