No cause for alarm!

Please cut me some slack this week with moderating comments and generally being available on email or Twitter, as I am away from the computer for the most part for this week.

All of my posts have been scheduled up to end of July, so don’t worry about me disappearing any time soon. I won’t.

In fact, I am hastily writing down post ideas as I go through the week, so I can sit down and bang ’em all out at once.


P.S. I was thinking of doing that Freeform spring thing where you ask me any question you want.. but let’s just do it on this post for this week.

Anything you want to know about me? Leave a comment, and keep it clean.

Update: In my absence, check out this killer video from Miss Pole Dance World competition.

Probably not safe for work, but she has some SERIOUS muscle to be able to hold herself up there so easily without looking like she’s breaking a sweat.

I’d get up on a pole and probably smash my head open from the force of gravity pulling me down because of my weak, string bean arms.


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