In 3 years, Canada could get Target!!! + Lovely Pictures

The much-loved “cheap-chic” discount chain, Target Corp., referred to by fans as “Tar-Jay,” says it has Canada in its sights as part of a future international expansion plan.

Target said it would be at least three years before the international expansion plan takes place. In the meantime, the Minneapolis-based retailer said it would focus on updating its existing United States stores.

Like many U.S. retailers, Target is mulling a move outside its home market after sales and profits took a nosedive in the past year.

Read the article here, and thanks to @danigray for bringing it to my attention on Twitter (@brokeinthecity)

And here’s a slideshow of great pictures I found this week:

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Just with a blowtorch, and old pieces of metal.

Artist: Cal Lane


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