2010 just keeps getting better.

I was a Busy, busy F-bee this week…

I had a seriously busy week doing all my promised guest posts, thinking about them and formatting them for another blog.

So I hope you’re going to head over their blogs and check them out.

It also helped start the momentum rolling, and I scheduled more posts on my 3 blogs.

I think I am up until the end of June 2010 now for all 3.

Guest Post on The Chic Life for a 3-part overview on sticking to your 2010 Money Resolutions

Check it out over at The Chic Life!

2 more guest posts to come.

I even created a cute Paris Vision board for the first one!

Guest Post: Bonne Vie about my Budgeting Sheet

(I decided in January that all proceeds going to Make-a-Wish for 2010, by the way)

And Birdie wrote about her journey out of debt, using my blog as inspiration (how awesome is that!?) and featured my sheet in her post.

Guest Post: Not that Kind of Girl asked me sometime last year (poor girl) to experiment & write something for her blog

Sorry for the late delay, NTKOG!

But I ended up getting my butt in gear this week and I wrote a guest post about using Olive Oil to clean my skin on Not that Kind of Girl’s fabulous blog.

On to the feature on MSN Money: Smart Spending

I, J. Money and Krystal were featured on MSN Money Watch by Karen Datko regarding our little game about how much we’d spend on an article of clothing.

The Consumerist picked up my 5 Lies we tell ourselves about spending

Read the short excerpt here.

Big up to @PhilVillareal who wrote a funny, tongue-in-cheek PF book called Secrets of a Dirty Scoundrel.

Read my review here, and buy the book on Amazon here for $11.01

I am another blogger to watch by one of my readers, Eric

Eric over at Narrow Bridge was kind enough to put me on his list of bloggers to watch for 2010 as well! (He called me feisty. *rawarrr*..)

Bloggers allowed on his list had to have less than 10,000 subscribers.

Narrow Bridge has been a blog I’ve been following for a while now, and his focus is more on the U.S. side, but it’s all good information for me when I finally get across the border.

He gives a lot of clear, concise information, as shown in his recent post: Getting ready for tax time — the 5 tax forms you will need.

Don’t worry Eric, my fashion and style stuff will mostly be let out on Style on a String from now on.

Carnivals I’ve entered recently:

Oh, and Darwin put me in his Carnival of Personal Finance #239 – Hot Money Trends of 2010 Edition.

Now if only I could get these neighbours to be quiet….

Dogs making lots of noise does not make for a happy FB.

And we’re not the only ones who are unhappy. Other neighbours (even ones from below), came up and complained at 2 a.m. in the morning, waking me up.

So naturally, I eavesdropped. Luckily it was all in rapid fire English and not French.

Oh well. We’ll be out of here soon. Glad I didn’t have to wake up early for anything πŸ™‚

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