You know what..?

The Boxing Day deals weren’t that great.

I tagged along with BF when he went on a hunt for something he wanted, and the deals were so-so this year.

There was a huge line that snaked around the Future Shop on Ste-Catherine on the 26th just before 1 p.m. when the store opened

We got out of the car, saw the line, got back in and went home.

I did see that Forever 21 had a 30% off everything sale, but they had nothing I REEEAALLLY wanted to buy.

(How do I know? I cased out the store beforehand of course. πŸ™‚ And I am also reminding myself that I am on a wardrobe ban.)

And even sitting here, thinking about it — I don’t really need or want anything bad enough that I want to stand in hail (yes hail!) to wait for it.

Sure, I WANT things.

A digital piano, an e-book reader, and a couple of portable Western Digital 1TB hard drives as a short list.

  • But can I delay the purchase? Yes.
  • Have I not been able to do anything because of not owning said item? No.
  • Would it change my life drastically? No.
  • Am I willing to pay the current price? No.

Maybe I am at a point where this has now become a habit rather than a challenge, or in the past, as a way to save money:

I am now making sure that whatever I buy has a real purpose and improvement to my life.

It’s definitely something that took 3 years and counting to get to this point, and while I feel as though I am not done yet, I am definitely over the hump πŸ™‚

Coasting from here on out!

It just helped that the deals on Boxing Day were not for anything I wanted.

But I do feel bad for my friend who bought the 60″ TV for a hefty price tag 2 months ago when he could have purchased one yesterday for $700 off.



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