You just can’t win them all

There are people who are going to disagree, dislike or even proclaim that they hate your guts.

And there are others who are going to tell you to keep doing what you’re doing because you’ve said what they’ve been feeling and thinking all along.

We all have biases, we all have opinions and our experiences are all different.

I for example, may think that Montreal is one of the coldest, windiest cities I’ve ever lived in, but someone who has lived in Antarctica would think the weather is a walk in the park.

Lame example, but I am not looking to start a fight discussion on here.

Nobody knows this better than independent bloggers…. or politicians for that matter.

Even the sweetest, kindest blogger will get a nasty comment on occasion from some disgruntled soul.

The best you can do, is do what you do, with passion.

You just can’t please everyone, so stop trying and voice your own opinion.

You are going to find the fiercest supporters for your voice, and the angriest ones right beside them.

That’s just the beauty of it all.

With that being said, who is going out for Boxing Day? Anyone? I may brave some crowds with BF, but only if the weather behaves.

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