The Idiot’s Kids are in for a hell of a time!

Investing Newbie suggested that I do a regular “Idiot Mondays” series, but I don’t have enough stories aside from when we chat occasionally.


But it would be a fabulous feature no?

Okay, moving along, I have one sort of short story about his 3-year old kids.

We asked how they were doing (naturally), and he said that they’re just starting to speak little words in Spanish here and there.

Like agua for water, or jugo for juice.

Yep. 3+ years old, and they’re still working on a word here and there, but mostly grunting from the last time I saw them.

(I love baby/toddler grunting!)

However, I was a bit surprised that they weren’t speaking in short 2-word sentences by now at their age.

I also don’t want to be rude and say: “Umm…. shouldn’t your kids be speaking a bit MORE by now?”


He said that they’re learning extremely fast, and have already picked up how to turn on the television all by themselves, and use a television remote and to flip to find their favourite shows.

A skill highly praised in children, to be sure.

And he was thinking of enrolling them into pre-school.

At $10,000 a year each.



Let that sink in.

He wants to pay $20,000 a year (net!!) for pre-school for his 3-year old kids.

Money that he doesn’t have, because he has a huge mortgage, maxed out credit cards, and no income whatsoever coming into the family.

People have been suggesting that perhaps he has a trust fund and comes from a rich family?

And I say it’s possible but highly unlikely.

If he had a trust fund, or money from his parents, he would not have purchased the house he did, nor put down a $15,000 deposit on his $300,000 mortgage.


But it gets better. It was $15,000 borrowed from a line of credit.

He also bought a new car on a credit card — putting down the down payment for the lease on the card.

Okay, back to the kids.

So he wants to pay $20,000 each year for 3 year old kids to attend pre-school so that they can start learning how to speak in short sentences.

This all coming, while he is attending a MBA refresher course, going on a 2-month vacation to Mexico, not working….

I mean, where do I start?

He chose this particular gem of a private pre-school, by saying that his kids would end up learning 4 languages!

  • Classes taught in German and English
  • French spoken among the kids who attend
  • Spanish spoken at home

Let me start by saying that I am a huge fan of languages and soft skills:

I think it’s something a lot of people take for granted, and consider an easy skill to pick up, but not so.

BF says that he is envious of my ability to play the piano, violin and viola.

But I am equally as envious of him being able to speak 4 languages.

I now consider French my second language, and it is NOT simple to twist your head around how to speak in it, especially if you don’t know a third, fourth or fifth language.

Hell of a time.

Kids can pick up languages (and the proper accent) when they’re younger, up to the age of 16 I think.

After that, it becomes a bit of a challenge to get the proper accent (I still can’t say certain “Rs” in French) and just to learn the structure and semantics.

But to purposely look into, and choose the most expensive private school just to pay someone to teach your kids 4 languages is just insanity.

He simply doesn’t have the money or the status of the types of families who put their kids there.

Call me a snobby elitist if you want, but for $20,000 a year in pre-school tuition.. you are sure as hell NOT on the same level of income or social status.

(I sure as heck am not.)

$20,000, net, is not chump change.

It’s a nice dream, but a dream it shall stay.

I think I am starting to have some insights into his character however.

He has probably been taught to aim for the stars, no matter how unrealistic it is.

And that money can pay for everything they need especially since they’re just plain lazy.

Instead of thinking:

Gee, maybe for $20,000 net after taxes…

We should just buy some educational DVDs…

Perhaps some cute pop-up soft books.

And spend all of this free time that we both have (him unemployed & her refusing to work) teaching basics to the kids at home.

Heck, we know 3 languages ourselves!

We could at least teach them the basics in all three.

No, no.

He wants to pay $20,000 a year just to get out of doing any of the prep work as parents and so he can brag that his kids go to so-and-so.

Oh… and because he wants them to learn German so they can speak to each other and he can proudly display them at Toddler Fairs.

I am huge fan of education, but this is too much even for me.

And they just aren’t in the advanced stages of learning yet.

They aren’t exactly learning calculus, science or other subjects that require a lot of concentration and help.


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