The Idiot is now going to Mexico for an extended vacation

Right after paying, starting classes and announcing that he was going to become a doctor…

He’s already decided it’s too much to deal with right now, and is going to take a break from his classes and head on back to Mexico for a little mini Christmas vacation.

Until the end of February.

Ay yi yi. Dios mio.

Who’s paying? Not him.

It’s a gift from his parents as a way to bribe them to come to Mexico so they can finally see their grandkids.

The kids have already been H1N1 vaccinated, but they’re getting their vaccinations the day before they’re getting on the plane.

2 reasons why a vaccination the day before is idiotic:

1. After a vaccination, you feel like crap and your immune system is down for the count

More importantly, your immune system is down for approximately 2 weeks while it learns how to deal with the dead flu cells in your body, to create those antibodies that will (after 2 weeks) make you “vaccinated”.

2. They’re getting on a busy plane, around Christmas time.

There are going to be people on there who are sick, traveling back to see their families too.

Even if they don’t look it now, they may be contagious carriers of the flu.

And we’re talking about being confined in a plane for a set number of hours, with recycled air going through the cabins.


The other thing that we don’t understand, is that while things are slow right now on the job market for work, he may have to come back sooner than expected.

3 reasons why he should be here at the start of 2010:

1. The market is already starting to pick up.

The vultures are circling, hoping to pick up people who are right at rock bottom, to get them at heavily discounted rates.

I am getting a lot more calls and notifications about potential projects for 2010.

They’re looking for people now, but they won’t start until next year, when the budgets have been approved, and the books closed for the fiscal year.

2. Next year, January to March 2010, interviews will be in full swing.

No one wants to hire anyone now.

It’s too close to Christmas.

Nothing will get done, and you’ll just waste money.

But he’s not coming back until end of February (potentially), and I have a feeling the job market will really pick up in Canada for 2010.

(Yes I am an optimist!)

3. Uhh.. to actually attend that MBA refresher course that he has already paid for on credit card?


I don’t really know how it works, but I always thought that if you didn’t attend the courses, you wouldn’t be able to do the exam or the classwork (read: projects) required to er.. pass said course?

He might be failed, and have to re-pay for another semester/year or whatever of courses.

At least, that’s how I remember it from back in the day.

1 reason why this entire trip is actually smart, had it not been for the kind of wonky timing:

He’s going to save money.

The parents are going to let them live there the whole time for free, pay for the food & entertainment, and basically let them act like teenagers.

Sure, he’ll have to at least pay for the mortgage here, but at least he won’t be turning on the heat in the home and garage to the tune of $320/month.

And food will be free. ๐Ÿ˜€

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