The headers are turning…

… on my blog that is.


I got an itch to redesign the site, and then realized that I loved my WordPress Theme just the way it was.

So I am going to tweak the blog.

This is what I spent most of yesterday doing: New banners for the site.

And they are ALL going up!

I put in some CSS code for rotating banners, and every time you visit the page, you may just get a new banner image.

This is a great way to let go of my creative outlet without breaking the page 😉




I am not totally sold on these last two headers.

I think I need to tweak them a bit, but the idea is there.



I am not done yet!

I think I’d like to do more.

Up to a max of 10 (or until I run out of juice).

You can hire me too!

Not to toot my own horn (okay, who the hell am I kidding?), but I do accept commissioned & paid work from others too!

Just give me a holler, and tell me what you want done…

I just did Revanche’s entire site last month — A Gai Shan Life.


And I am currently doing a header image for another fabulous blogger whom I will reveal at a later date with her permission.


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