I am going through my year end numbers…

And in my budget, I am noticing that I spent around $35,000 net this year, give or take a couple hundred.

This is not all money that has left my fingers forever, because I do count savings as an expense in my budget.

I do this because I assume that I am not spending it, and my net worth is really what shows the balance between Assets and Liabilities.

I try to keep to a personal budget of around $1000 – $1500, but the $35,000 includes my business expenses in here, as I am a freelancer.

When you look at someone’s trend of spending, you can see where they put their priorities.

I will post the specific numbers later but these are my top 5 categories of spending so far:

  • Retirement Savings
  • Rent
  • Travel
  • Groceries
  • Wardrobe (Heh heh.)

Mine don’t seem so out of place, and I have a wardrobe ban on myself until December 2010.

More as a challenge than anything else, really.

Travel was high but we did a lot of traveling on the cheap this year, including going to Portugal for 3 weeks, and I traveled quite a bit for work as well.

Can’t wait to look at my year-end numbers for 2010.

Where do YOU spend your money?


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