The Fabulously Broke in the City Year 2009 in Review – $55,516


The last one for 2009.

BF is slow in getting me the numbers for groceries and utilities, so I overestimated them just to be sure.

I spent under $1000 this month with around $48 to spare.

A real improvement from my original goal of sticking to $1500/month.

Then again, we didn’t have any events like trips abroad, or trips back to Ontario to see family, weddings to attend or gifts to buy.

I think starting in January, I could definitely keep to the under $1000 a budget, considering that I spent money on a haircut and buying more vitamin skin pills to restock my cupboard.


I have ~$131 left. πŸ˜€


Spent mostly on rent, food, those skin pills and my cellphone.

When we shift back to Toronto for the interim, rent will drop from $384 to $250 a month.

Food might go up (we’ll be feeding more people out of our budget), and Toronto has far more choice in meats and vegetables than Montreal.

But not in cheeses, unfortunately. πŸ™

Net worth clocks in at: $55,516 as of December 2009

I started the year with around $78,000 as my net worth.

Then I had to pay $13,000 in taxes for my business.

Now I am also paying $1500 every 3 months for what Quebec likes to call “prepaid tax” based on your earnings from the previous year.

So I should get all that money back around 2010.

So let’s take a look at my year end numbers…


This is my FIRST YEAR in having yearly budget numbers because my files corrupted on my backup drive from 2008.

This is now why I have 3 backups!! πŸ™‚

Anyway, I find this budgeting-for-the-year exercise extremely helpful.

It’s easy to say: Oh I’ll spend $200 a month here, that’s all right it’s a one-off.

But when you see it all at once for the year, it gives you a good kick in the ass.

The pink highlighted categories are what I want to cut down for 2010.

The last number there is after removing Retirement Savings and Savings.

Ergo, $26,577.29 = my real yearly expenditures.

It’s not BAD, it’s just not ideal because I know I could have done better at the start of the year.

Expenses improved greatly in the last half:

  • Trimmed the food budget — stopped buying so much yoghurt & treats
  • Trimmed on utilities — we’re around $10/month now; and 50% of that = FEES!!
  • Tossed a lot of toiletries — had to replace with shea butter, and other purchases
  • Bought a whole new set of glass tupperware — to have lunches in, store food, etc
  • Wardrobe & Electronics — Mostly from traveling & seeing the enabling devil (my sister)

But this was a great year, and I don’t have any regrets.

All money well spent.


That’s 3 years worth of blogging right there, more or less. πŸ™‚

This is kind of misleading because I hit 2000 posts before I came over to WordPress.

I just like to delete old, useless posts without any real content or point.

Major blog event:

I (finally) moved to WordPress (woo hoo!)

It’s been a good year, no complaints here.

COMING UP: My 2010 Goal.. in pictures!

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