Fabulously Broke in the City hits its 3rd year

FB(Old)December 2nd, 2006 is when I started blogging as “Fabulously Broke”.

I was $60,000 in debt, with $500 in savings and starting at my first big job determined to be the best corporate cog in the wheel, ever.

3 years later, I now have a net worth of around $70,000, with a healthy emergency savings fund, working for myself as a freelancer.

How times have changed.

Warm thanks to all of my seasoned readers for having the patience to have followed me for so long (some of you have been with me since the very start!) and for giving me solid criticism, advice and just being there for me.

And a big welcome to those of you who have just started following me this year. I hope I can live up to your expectations and you will find something interesting to read on occasion.

It has been an honour to blog for you and I cannot wait for 2010.

Here’s to good times, controversial posts and for many more years to come in the blogosphere.

Here’s to the end of this year, and to many more to come.

It has been a pleasure.

Have some champagne & strawberries. You deserve it.


I am donating 100% of my Budgeting Sheet sales to the

Make-A-Wish Foundation

In honour of my 3rd year, and to do a little “pay it forward”-ness, it’d be nice to make wishes come true after what has been quite a rough year.

I have been uber fortunate in all aspects of my life: finance, career, love and health.

But not everyone gets live and to experience what I’ve been through (the good and the bad), which is where the Make-A-Wish Foundation comes in.


The foundation grants the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy.

I think it’s a worthy cause especially around the holidays right now (I normally donate 25% to the Canadian Cancer Society), and I hope you do too.

I want to do it to raise money to donate 100% of all the proceeds to the Make a Wish Foundation.

It’s something that makes me grateful for what I have, and even what I don’t have, because the most important thing I own is my health.

2 years ago, when my family was dealing with cancer (affecting about 4 family members at one go), what every single adult said was:

I am just happy to have led such a full and rich life.

But these kids with their life-threatening medical conditions may never get a chance to say the same.

So go take a look at my budgeting sheet, help your finances this 2010 by making a donation to the foundation.

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Just a girl trying to find a balance between being a Shopaholic and a Saver. I cleared $60,000 in 18 months earning $65,000 gross/year. Now I am self-employed, and you can read more about my story here, or visit my other blog: The Everyday Minimalist.