2010 Money Goals in Pictures

Inspired by The Oatmeal, and clearly nowhere as awesome as his comics,

I present to you:

I loathe budgeting for the year, because I don’t see a dentist or get a haircut every month.

But nevertheless, here it is as approximated.

Mostly, I will try to stay under $1000 each month.

I will not shop.

I will not shop.

I will not shop.

Okay, I will TRY not to shop. πŸ™‚


P.S. For those of you wondering, Donations is also a category, but I don’t really blog about it.

And it’s not included in the $20,000 expenditures. It’s a permanent, given extra.

The reason being that I hate the guilt trip mentality of “look at what I gave this year, and what did YOU give?” or the “why didn’t you give MORE?” talk.

It’s the one category I keep just for me.

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