What’s In FB’s Bag?

Inspired by Well-Heeled Blog’s contest (of which I cannot enter, as I am Canadian and those gift cards to T.J. Maxx or Marshall’s would be meaningless for me), here is what’s in MY bag!

I just found it to be a fun exercise.

I’ve updated my bag since I last posted about it, and I feel like even though I’ve added more, it’s way more organized and quite light.

Click on the image for a larger view!


So you may be wondering why I carry the things I do, so here are my reasons:

(I’ve highlighted the potentially weird things in blue)

Useful stuff pouch contains:

  • Earplugs: You will not believe the number of times I have said: Damn, I wish I had some!!!
  • Pills: I have major allergies & the occasional headache. Must have, but I don’t carry a whole bottle.
  • Band Aids: I have them in all sizes. People have no idea how much they need one until they get hurt.
  • Calculator: Quick and easy. Cost me $1 to buy. I use it to calculate cost per unit/grams/etc.
  • Mini Swiss Knife: Have you ever tried to get the wrapping of a DVD, CD or cut a tag off?!
  • Contact Stuff: Spare contacts for each eye, and eye solution
  • Mints: Sometimes you need ’em after some Pho.
  • Lip Balm: Can’t go without lip balm in this dry winter.
  • Tide-To-Go Pen: I rarely use it, but it’s saved my clothes a couple of times. Well worth it!

Eating stuff pouch contains:

  • Re-Usable Plastic utensils (set of 2): You would be surprised at the # of times I pull these out!! I bought them for $0.79 each utensil (fork, knife, spoon), and they are made of a VERY sturdy plastic. It also won’t set off any alarms.
  • Emergency Jelly Snacks: I should’ve snagged more from my parents’ before I left.


  • Pad of Paper & Pen: This way, I always have one with me!
  • Hair Ties: I have one or two stashed just in case.
  • Hidden Cash: Love me some cash! I carry only about $20 on me most of the time.
  • Credit Card: I only have one.
  • Bank Cards: I have two.
  • Points Cards: I have a bajillion.
  • Library Card: Very, very handy.
  • Bus Tickets/Tokens: I have them for Montreal & Toronto all in one spot so I never forget them at home.
  • Safety Pins: For when your dress flies open unexpectedly.
  • Stamps: Unexpected, but handy nonetheless when you get to mail it & realize you forgot one.
  • Business Card: Just so they know who I am.
  • Driver’s License: Very, very, handy.
  • Health Card: Just in case.

The Rest

  • Gloves: It’s getting cold, y’all.
  • Sunglasses: And sometimes sunny.
  • Handkerchiefs: Eco-friendly thing. You might find handkerchiefs gross, but they’re sturdier than tissues when you use them, and they can be washed & re-used over and over again. I only use tissues when I have a REAL cold or flu & I don’t want to keep the germs from multiplying in my purse.
  • Camera: To snap pictures of fashion transgressions.
  • Hand lotion: Dry winter. I am finishing off my old, old bottle of Olay Quench, and now I am on J.R. Watkins’ Lemon Creme.
  • Keys: Kinda useful. I also bought something called “Monkeys”, or little rubber monkey heads for my keys. What’s cool about them, is that it makes the key head softer & easier to twist in tough doors like at my apartment. Plus, they’re cute & I can now distinguish between the major keys I need.

OH SHOOT! I forgot….

I forgot to photograph that I always have one or two re-usable plastic bags tucked away as well.

Sorry. Pretend it’s in the shot, because I do carry them.

And my iPod Shuffle with headphones. It’s a must have.

What I don’t carry in my bag

  • Makeup: I don’t wear much of it, and I don’t really touch up during the day.
  • Other Toiletries: Like nail files, clippers… All that stuff is extra that I don’t end up using anyway.
  • Organizer: I used to, but if I am going out for the day and not meeting anyone, I don’t bother.
  • Journal: I have a pad & pen instead.
  • USB Key/Harddrive: It’s in my Work Pouch. 🙂
  • Book to Read: I have my iPod with headphones. A book is too heavy, and I can’t read on the bus.
  • Extra Sweater/Scarf: I just dress the way I should dress for the day.
  • Umbrella: Ditto. If it’s going to rain, I bring one.

I keep organized with my pouches

I got all my pouches at the dollar store, and they’re awesome.

They’re easy to grab when I need something, and everything fits in there loosely so it’s easy to find what I need.

It also helps to not be fumbling around in your bag with all these things all over the place, only to break open your lip gloss or something and have it smear all over your bag. (True story, happened to THIS bag.)

What’s in YOUR bag, and how do you keep it organized?

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