This is precisely why I shouldn’t be allowed to surf the internet unsupervised

As you may or may not know, I am a sucker for draped anything.

Cosy, draped, soft and cuddly? SIGN ME UP.

All Saints Clothing! Mostly in the U.K., but they have a store in NYC as far as I can tell.

I Googled reviews on them, and found that their sizes run kind of low, and their stuff looks much better on the website than in person. :\

The style reminds me of Rick Owens. Lots of asymmetry, draping, soft knits, comfy looks and hard rock details..

Anyhoo, the prices prohibit me from even thinking it’s a REAL possibility, but a girl sure likes to dream…

Layla Dress in Dirty Cherry — $305

Draping? A little belt action going on? A great colour? *drool*


Temperance Cardigan – $175

I have another grey cardigan similar to this, it might be why I am so drawn to it…


Afra Cardigan – $175

I hate the colour, but I like the assymetry and the huge pocket on the left.


Theia Cardigan – $195

Cuddly. Warm. Shawl necked.

Overpriced, really.


Eisen Leather Jacket – $400

If I could be guaranteed it would look just as good in person as it does online, and fit like a glove…

I would be tempted beyond all sound financial reason to hit the “Add to Cart” button.


Love the zippers!


ADORE the buckles!


AHH! Zipper on the BACK of a sleeve?! 😀


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