The Idiot is now becoming a “Doctor”

New on the grapevine.

Me: So what’s new?

Idiot: I’m becoming a doctor! I want to take advantage of this time off and educate myself more.

Note: He quit his $100k+ job in the middle of a recession because he didn’t want to travel.

Not because he was fired.

Me: WHAT? A doctor? Like a physician, or getting a doctorate? How long will it take?

Idiot: No, no not like a physician. And it will be a year.

Me: So.. it’s just a year or so? That’s incredible!!! I thought PhDs were on average, 5 years or so. So could you become a Professor after?

Idiot: Um.. well, it’s not really technically a PhD.

Me: ……………………………………………………… so it is what then?

Idiot: More like a post MBA certificate.

Me: But not a PhD.

Idiot: But it’s LIKE becoming a doctor. It’s the same thing, really.

Me: *thinking: I am not a doctor, but I play one on TV…*

… Uhh yeah. Right. It’s the step before getting a PhD then right?

Like you do the first year or so of your doctorate and if you decide to continue you can do 4 more years?

Idiot: No. It’s not really.. er.. the first year of a PhD. It’s more like a second MBA.

Me: Like a… refresher course? Reviewing all of the MBA courses but in a month or two per area?

Idiot: Yeah. I guess that’s it.

Me: Okay. When did you last take your MBA anyway?

Idiot: 5 years ago.

Me: Uh huh. And the cost of this refresher course is around what?

Idiot: $5000 for the year, but I can spread the year out if I want. It’s just credits here and there.

Me: Mmmmmmm…………….

***End conversation with FB’s brain exploding****


He cannot afford this $5000 MBA refresher year.

The guy has a $250,000 mortgage outstanding, at least $30,000 on credit cards and NO SAVINGS WHATSOEVER from my last calculation.

He is literally freaking out over paying $3 for tomatoes, and says he needs about $80,000 net to “live” a year.

He is paying for his mortgage with his credit cards.

His wife doesn’t and refuses to work.

And yes, she is a citizen, and CAN work if she chooses to pick up a minimum wage job.

He is in an industry that doesn’t even need an MBA.

Much less, a post-MBA refresher course.

He would have been better off putting his money towards:

1. Getting a PMP (Project Manager Certification), which is what would give him a boost to his credentials, as he claims to all employers that he IS a project manager.

2. Or getting the required certificate for his industry in the area that he works in. It costs $2000. I worked it out, and every single employer has been asking for it from all of his resume submissions.

3. Saving it in the bank account. What precious little he has left.

I mean.. can we say, train wreck coming?

I tried to prod for more info, and give him some suggestions like getting a PMP or an industry certification instead, but he already paid up front on his credit cards and signed up for the courses at a local college.


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