Random Sunday Roundup

Once in a lifetime.

Shared in my Google Reader by Jean of Jean’s Bargains!

A Food-tastic Building

Well, bus stops really.

Via Web Urbanist


Speaking of food, why do Pho (“fuh”) restaurants usually have numbers?

Serious Eats tells us why.

USB Panda Speakers for $27

Could have been creepy, but turned cute!

Via UberGizmo


A clock made out of scroll bars

This looks a lot better in Safari on the Mac.

Via toki woki


Need to resize images but don’t have Photoshop?

Well you could always download Paint.net for free.

But if you’re truly lazy, and want to resize AND crop (jeez!) here are 5 sites to do it for ya.

Via Smashing Apps


An thought provoking photo

(And a funny conversation)


BF: I’d stare too! Look at that, it’s disgusting. Too much public display of affection for me.

Me: It’s meant to be a portrayal of two very different cultures and values with just a photo.

BF: *ignores* Look at her smooching him. Have they no decency!?

It’s like she’s EATING him!

Via Sea of Sin

Rainbows make me smile

Especially when they show up in jewelery πŸ˜€

I’d look like Rainbow Brite!


Via We Heart It

Finally, your discussion thought of the day:

Is it illegal NOT to leave a tip?

Cops in Bethlehem, PA thought so. They arrested these two for not leaving a tip!

Via The Consumerist.


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