Hey hey, jeans that fit!

I was hoping to head by the library on Monday to spend the day reading magazines…

…but I forgot that the universal law of libraries is that Mondays are bad days to go, as they are generally CLOSED.

Damn. It.

So not wanting to waste a bus ticket, I half-heartedly started searching for the perfect pair of jeans before my SINGLE, 6+ years (and counting) pair of jeans bit the dust.

(You should see it. It’s like patchwork insanity on the thighs. My mom said: “This may be the last time I can fix them for you!!!“)

I think I heard a rip the last time I pulled them on.

I was thinking of Lee Jeans (eemusings says we have the same body type and Lee jeans fit her great), or Levi’s.

I am not on board with buying jeans for $150 – $300+ yet, premium denim or not.

But how to translate my wishes into an actual pair of jeans!? Woe is me.

Then… I thought: Heck, why don’t I try out Tommy Hilfiger? I bought the last pair there 6 years ago…

Then I spotted them on a rack.

Dark blue denim, so-called “premium denim” label on the back, slim cut, looks just about like the pair I had

Could.. it.. be?



What I like is that they’re a slim cut of jeans (not bootcut or flared), and are straight-legged rather than super skinny jeans.


Original Price: $85 CAD ($79 USD), marked down to $59.99 with another 50% discount on top, for a total of $33 CAD (or $31 USD) after 12.5% taxes!!!

Tommy? You and I, best Jeans Friends forever, ‘kay?

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