Guys actually notice what you wear

Who woulda thunk it? 😛

BF: I wear sweatpants here, but I never used to do that in Europe.

It’s the environment here that makes me dress down.

I don’t have any control over what I wear here.

FB: I don’t believe that. You have a choice in what you wear.

BF: Yeah, but even YOU dress differently in Ontario than you do in Quebec.

You don’t wear sweatpants or sweatshirts there!!

FB: True, but it’s my choice. You said you don’t have control over what you wear.

BF: Okay, what I meant was that the environment influences the way you dress subconsciously or consciously and I cannot control that environment.

FB: Hmm.. good point

Note: I am trying to make an effort, but he doesn’t know that before we went back to Ontario, I didn’t have all my nice things!

I had packed them all away, thinking we were moving.

Now I’m busting them out. Full blast.

What do you think?

Does the environment around you influence the way you dress?

Do you dress differently in different cities or situations?

(Not taking into account what you have to wear to work or special events, those are given)

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