3 Random Thoughts

I am having a total Seinfeld or Something About Mary Moment.

I want to cover a steak bone (or steak) in safe-for-dogs sleeping powder, and put my horribly yappy neighbours’ dogs to sleep.

They are seriously barking me crazy up the wall.

They start, and then the other dogs in the other apartments hear them and start barking back at them.

It’s like punishment for staying in your own apartment.

Who’s with me!?!?!

I want to make salad dressing

Check out some recipes here from Kitchen Stewardship.

Don’t they sound yummy?

I can’t stop thinking about London, England or Paris, France

I am going to run around and squeal like an awfully (North) American tourist, embarrassing BF so much, he will never take me back to Europe again.

I’m already planning my tourist wardrobe.


The trip is next year in the summer, and I already have in my head: I am going to bring THIS and THIS to wear.

Don’t worry. I’ve left out my awesome collection of fanny packs, huge white sneakers and sweatpants from the list.

(Kidding, kidding!)


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