WordPress Under the Hood

What WordPress looks like under the hood


Not all of them are great, but they have such a wide array of choice, it’s amazing.



When you edit comments, you can do a Quick Edit instead of having to go completely into the post.

Here, you can change the title, the URL of the post, the date, Categories, Tags, etc.


When you go into a Full Edit, check out the array of buttons just for inserting video or pictures, or adjusting the post.


And you can click on a blue square and get it to spread all over the screen so that it’s easier to type and work in.



You can approve comments here, mark them as spam, reply directly to the comments & the comments don’t disappear so you know where they commented!!



Here are the spam comments, and since they are ALREADY easily separated for you to approve or delete, it helps to see what WordPress considers to be a spam comment.

Other Cool WordPress Things

  • Pages — They are static pages with a set URL like this, so it doesn’t look like a post:
  • Images — You can delete pictures, modify them, add captions, add tags….!
  • Plug-ins — You can upload and modify your feed, add cool widgets, modify comments, and many more cool things
  • Links — It’s easier to manage links by setting categories instead of having to insert HTML or enter each link one by one in a tiny window
  • Settings — You can adjust what you want and don’t want to see on a page. The size of the edit post window for example is able to be adjusted to be smaller or bigger.

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