Why can’t it ever be easy?

…to visit my family?

I get here, and already there’s drama with my mom rushing to go and help out my brother and his family yet AGAIN.

They’re like slaves, at the beck and call of a king.

I know it’s not entirely like that; my brother is NOT a monster and I’m exaggerating a tad, but it really seems like when my brother says: “Jump”, they ask “How high?”.

Grandkids can really be addictive I guess. And a good way to lure grandparents back, to spend their weekends changing diapers, cooking and being a full-time nanny for free.

I just feel like every time I come back, it’s one thing or another. They asked BF to cook his specialty dish & dessert, and he kindly agreed to do so.

But now, they’re asking me where we planned to stay in the city, because there’s apparently no more space left at the house.

WTF? So we’re going to go there, BF is going to cook a killer meal for the family and then we’ll leave to stay in a hotel and PAY for the privilege of cooking for you?


Just a bit annoyed.

We just don’t seem to communicate.

I”m trying to make an effort to talk and bond with my parents and siblings more, but sometimes they make it really hard to do so without drama.

On the bright side, I made an extra $12o!!

…selling some resin and wood statues that I was very close to donating to a local Goodwill.

I put it online instead, and I got a bite! 🙂 Done.

Sweet. Goes straight into the bank account.

I am all squared up with my purchases on my credit card (totally paid in full), and my savings account has actually been increasing lately.

Which reminds me, I owe BF for rent, but he hasn’t given me the amount to pay him yet. I’ll have to cut him a cheque when we head back home. That’ll drop my savings account back to its original amount.

I have yet to sell off the last of my library. I expect to make about $50 from that. And that stuff will finally be out of the room, and my room can be used as a guest room.

I also took some wardrobe pictures

I have a shelf in my room, so I’ve been positioning the camera there and snapping shots.

Hopefully I can show you some of the outfits (from the waist up) I’ve come up with.

I really missing having my whole wardrobe. Here in Toronto, I have EVERYTHING. It’s why sometimes in Montreal, I just stick to the same outfits over and over again, because I don’t have all my stuff with me.

Oh yes, I also took pictures of all my purses & shoes. 🙂

Will try to relax & enjoy it all.

I am just thinking of being able to see my sister tomorrow, my friend and her family for brunch and then a dinner at another friend’s house.

Busy busy.

At least I won’t be in the house a lot, and in anyone’s way.

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