What I am NOT buying for now

I’ve noticed that I talk a lot about what I’ve already bought or am going to buy:

But I haven’t really mentioned what I would L-O-V-E to buy, but am consciously forgoing.

While we all have Want Lists (some, longer than others *looks away*), we all have to make choices based on our lifestyle & our financial situation to say: “Not now.

Roland RD-700 GX Digital Grand Piano – $3000 (everything included)

rd700gxWhy I want it

I love playing the piano. I could spend hours working out a song, memorizing it, or just enjoying the sound.

I don’t have the space, nor the inclination to buy a piano that is too heavy to lug around, so digital pianos are my favourite option.

I originally pooh-poohed the idea of digital pianos, because I didn’t think it was possible to get a true piano sound out of them.

And I feel as though I am wrong, and I should look at this brand further.

What else is included in that price tag

Enter the Roland RD-700 GX Stage Piano.

I tried it out in the store, and it was good.. but I am not sure if it’s because I was so surprised at how good it was, or if it was really close to a grand piano sound.

This is also the newest model they have out, and the Grand Piano sound is pretty good, but I don’t know how I’d feel with it, unless I was at home, really practicing on it.

But a digital piano needs a stand to hold it up, a chair (unless you can adjust it to your chair height), a padded case with wheels to tote it around for when we finally move, and possibly speakers if you want to play out loud.

And for that price, it’s kind of expensive.

Why I am waiting

It’s $3000 all included!! That’s a crazy amount of money for a piano, and although I REALLY want it, I cannot justify buying it right now for 2 major reasons:

1. I am not on contract

2. We are going to move soon, and the less I move this heavy but portable piano, especially with those luggage handlers at the airport, the better.

It’s just too expensive and heavy to buy and use right now.

I may end up never getting it, if we move, and I get a second hand real piano instead.


What is my alternative

Going back to Toronto & spending hours on my family piano instead. Which is definitely something I do every time I go back to Ontario.

I am also going to look out for places that have free pianos for students to practice on. Maybe I can get in there…

Or go to the piano store and try it out again to see if it really is as good as I thought it sounded.

Any piano players out there with other options? Or have you tried the Roland RD-700 GX for yourself? What did you think?


Sony PRS600R E-Book Reader – $200 – $400?

Why I want it

I love reading, and I love books. 

Reading a book over and over again might be boring to some, but is TOTALLY what I do!

I also really hate holding heavy books when I am in bed, because my arm gets tired.

Sometimes, the book print is too close and small for my eyes, and to avoid eye strain, I have to put down the book ever so often.

E-Book readers can make the font larger, which is what I love.

And the most important reason of all? I want a library, but I don’t want the bulk of it.

I don’t really care that it costs more than buying a book second-hand, or going to the library for free.

I would still use the library to borrow books, and then the e-reader to buy & keep the digital version of what I love to read.

What else is included in the price tag?

Not much else. It depends on what brand you want to buy.

PRS600R_en_1I am interested in the newest Sony PRS600R E-Reader for $400, but in stores, I can’t even review it or see it in action, so I am hesitant about dropping $400 on it, buying an e-book, and realizing I HATE IT.

That would be a waste of an e-book purchase from the eBook store from Sony.

All I know is that I would love to review it, and the Amazon Kindle does not light my fire (get it? “kindle”? haha.. okay fine).

Why am I waiting

Because I can’t really review or touch it. There aren’t many stores here that will let you whip it out and try it out.

I have no idea what the ease of use is like, the interface, the e-ink technology… this is all new business for me!

And I also want to be sure that if I buy a book, it will have enough space to store it, I will be able to make notes on paragraphs I find interesting for future reference, and that it’s light enough to hold up in bed.

What I really want, is to personally do an honest review of the product.

I don’t even know how I would buy the books online, and if I don’t like the book within a certain day, to return it.

Or if it comes with any other features that might be interesting.

What are my alternatives?

Wait for a cheaper model of another brand. I heard some other companies are coming up fast on the heels of Sony and Amazon, and maybe if I wait I can get those for cheaper, AND be able to give an honest review.

That, or hope that a PR company out there is kind enough to send me one. 😀

I am also just going to stick to the library until I can get my hands on a Sony E-Reader PRS600R.

I do love that it’s a touch interface without any buttons, and the design looks sleek, which is important for me.

Any readers out there with other options? Or have you tried the Sony PRS600 for yourself? What did you think?

So that’s it. Two things that are major purchases I am waiting for, for various reasons (moving & being able to review/touch it)

What are YOU waiting for?

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