Some of FB’s Wardrobe


Okay. So, you asked and I listened!

I find it kind of fun to dress up in these outfits and take pictures. 🙂

Don’t know if I could do it everyday like some really amazing bloggers out there (t h e (c h l o e) c o n s p i r a c y for one, academic chic, Kelina KELINDA, or Allie from My Wardrobe Today)

Click on any of the images to make them larger

(And please excuse the lack of ironing.)

I am on the Ruffle Train…

Bought the ruffly blue top at Bluberry on Ste-Catherine.

It’s a bit too arm fatty for my liking around the boob/armpit area, but it’s nothing a little jacket can’t fix 😉

Now I can wear it to work! 😛



I only own 2 ruffle tops in my ENTIRE wardrobe.

This is the second one.

Bought from Ricki’s for $25!

(Discounted, as one of the pearl-like buttons fell off, but she gave me a spare one, and I spent 45 minutes sewing EVERY pearly button on super tight)

Total departure from what I normally wear, but I like it anyway.

(I tend to gravitate towards very simple, plain pieces without any frills or ruffles)

Plus, it’s loose. Great for eating.


Etsy is the Dress Devil!

These were my two purchases from BlackRabbitNYC on Etsy.

They are faux obi wraps, so I just pull them on over my head, do a quick tie and go.

(Why does my hip look weird on the purple dress where my hand is? Odd.)


And on the 50% rack you can find…

Stuff Urban Outfitters for $22 (and actually worth $22 in my opinion)

I am starting to really get into the dress.

The macrame-braided top half has a lot of colours, so it can match with almost anything as shown below:




As you may know, I am going to 2 weddings next year in Europe.

One is in France, one is in England.

For England, I hear you can dress up like the Queen and still be under dressed. (Just kidding.)

Which is the opposite in France, apparently.

A reader kindly sent me pictures of his wedding in France so I could see what the other guests wore.

And I’ve read that if you dress up for a wedding, they pretty much know you’re an American 😛

Still, I don’t want to show up in something plain!


So, help me choose. Which one?

Dress Choice #1

Blue Drop-Waist Comfy Dress with or without magenta sash & Miss Sixty Yellow Flowered Heels

Surprisingly, those Miss Sixty Heels are TIGHT on my feet. NO chance of them falling off or going weird.


Dress Choice #2:

Dress Barn Black Flower Print

I wore this to a wedding already, so it’s an oldie, but a goodie.


Dress Choice #3:

Ann Taylor Loose, Flowing Sheath, with or without sash and Bronze Steve Madden Kitten Heels


Dress Choice #4:

Any of the above casual dresses I modeled at the top of this post.

So, what do you think?

(Yes, I really do like to plan my outfits months in advance.

I don’t like showing up unprepared, and I like having choices and backups)

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