So I’ve just realized that I need a winter coat

In my effort to de-clutter and organize, I actually got rid of anything that was:

  • black
  • didn’t fit well
  • was uncomfortable
  • too heavy
  • not thick or warm enough

Which, due to my AWFUL shopping habits (when I bought coats I liked without thinking), was almost all my winter coats.

Almost all of my winter 3/4 or long coats are gone!

I got rid of a too-thin black coat because it doesn’t hold up in very cold winter conditions.

I got rid of my thick tweed coat because it was just too bulky and heavy to wear everyday. I needed something lighter that wouldn’t weigh me down.

I got rid of my long grey coat because it was.. too long.

I kept tripping over it in the snow and ice. Not very elegant.

All I’ve kept are:

My gorgeous 3/4 length ivory Banana Republic coat that BF bought for me.

My beautiful 3/4 length white Smart Set coat made out of cashmere and wool.

My thrifted Atmosphere hip-length Atmosphere coat with deep pockets that I love.


None of those coats are right for a heavy duty winter using the Metro subway because white or ivory gets transfer marks on it VERY easily.

I usually keep those coats for special nights out, or times when I am riding in a car and not on some filthy public transportation seat.

My Atmosphere coat is perfect for the winter, but just not long enough to keep my thighs warm.

My ideal winter coat will have:

  • 3/4 length (not too short, not too long)
  • Long sleeves
  • Good fabric that is windproof, water resistant and not too thick or heavy
  • Not a puffy fabric — something that I can wear that is elegant and sweet
  • in a beautiful bright, non-dark or too light colour (purple, red, green, blue)
  • Deep pockets so I can keep mittens in them
  • No zippers for the front — I have a fear of zipping myself or my scarf in it
  • Optional, but a HUGE bonus: A huge, deep hood
  • Optional, but a HUGE bonus: A kind of muffler section for me to nuzzle my nose into

I’ve come up with a few acceptable options so far without my optional pieces, but…:

J. Crew Double-cloth lady day coat with Thinsulate – $298 USD

But it doesn’t have a hood or a nuzzle collar. But the colours are GORGEOUS!!!



And here’s a Mackage coat, with exactly what I want in a high nuzzle collar… BUT!! It’s not a fun bright colour, it is in white (again) and it’s around $600.


And here is another jacket I found at Smart Set. It isn’t in a fun colour (I’d even accept red!!!) but it has no real nuzzle neck (but you can pull the flap over the one section and button it up on the side)… but is that a hint of a hood that I see at the back??

I also like the asymmetrical button placement. And the price.



Here’s a nice blue coat from Smart Set as well, but I HATE the belt placement. It’s too fussy. And no hood…


But I am thinking that I will definitely need to scour some thrift stores and look for a winter coat that makes sense … FOR CHEAP.

Any options and ideas for places to look for a coat in Montreal?

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