Secure your other electronics!

I know we talk a lot about:

  • backing up your computer data that may hold sensitive PDFs
  • adding different passwords for different things
  • changing passwords ever so often
  • securing your online presence

.. but we haven’t touched on securing OTHER electronics that are seemingly harmless in terms of storing data.

The two I want to touch on: Cellphones & GPS devices.


cellphone_lockThose of you with iPhones, Palm Pres and Blackberries may have an added security feature to enter a password before accessing the info.

But for those of you who don’t have a high tech cellphone this is particularly relevant to you.

1. Don’t label people nicknames like “Parents”, “Husband”.

Just use their real name as the contact name.

2. If you get a text from someone or you want to send a text, avoid texting sensitive information.

If you need to give an email address, a bank account number, or whatever else to a loved one, then call them and verify it is truly them who is asking via text.

Make it a family habit.

GPS Devices

How many of you really put a PIN number on your GPS device?

I found it annoying, so I generally leave it off, but then I realized that while it isn’t the best idea, it is the most convenient for me, but I’d have to take extra precautions.

Don’t give them an easy way to find out where you live

For your home address, put it at a public location or store NEAR to your home that is recognizable.

880-cellphon_articleEven worse, is that if they’ve stolen your car AND your GPS device (the likelihood of that? rare, but still possible), they could use your GPS device to get there, and use your garage door opener to get in.


Don’t give them an easy way to rob your loved ones either

Set their addresses to public locations close to where they live.

If you are terrible at memorizing addresses (I am), then consider uploading a picture to your GPS device that is pertinent to you & that person.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a picture of the actual person, but perhaps something that reminds you of them.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Any other devices we should be careful about?

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